Your Full Guide to Bikini and Brazilian Hair Remova

Imagine going to the beach with your favourite bikini, only to find out excess hair growing around your lady bits yikes. That’s where Bikini hair removal steps in. Keep reading to find out how to best prepare yourself to say “byeee” to ingrown hairs for the long run.

What is Bikini Line Hair removal ?

Okay, so you’re probably wondering what “bikini line” even means. Well, its definition referred to the hair and skin visible around a bikini bottom, but now people consider the “bikini line” to be any skin that grows pubic hair (aka your vulva). When removing the bikini lines, you target the sides of your public area

What is Brazilian hair removal ?

Brazilian hair removal treatment takes care of all your unwanted hair in the bikini region; we’re talking your whole bikini plus between the cheeks.

What is the difference between Bikini Line and Brazilian ?

Yes, it is starting to be tricky. So, a Brazilian laser treatment typically removes all the hair in your pubic area while a bikini laser treatment only targets the sides of your pubic area. It is really up to you either you want to remove all the hair from your most intimate areas or just the sides of your public area. Whatever you choose, the methods bello works for both bikini Line and Brazilian.

Methods for removing hair from the public area

There are many ways to remove hair from bikini line or pubic hair region. But the question is, what is the best method ?

No, No ladies … No razors

Sure, razors is the very common method used to shave your bikini line. But the risk, and I am sure you already know, is to end up with that angry red bumps and annoying ingrown hairs. Oh, I forgot to mention the cuts! With all that side effects, we advise you avoid razors completely. And on top of that, when using razor, your hair will keep on growing so fast and so much coarser than it already is. You will have to do razor every single day … it is really not efficient.

Waxing … ouch it hurts

Waxing is another popular method but involves ripping and tearing at your hair follicles with hot wax, which can be quite painful, to say the least. Bikini wax is really not the most fun experience for most people. Sure, it’s a longer-lasting method to removing your pubic hair than shaving, but it hurts, and does not offer you a permanent result. I am sure you don’t want to undergo this level of pain again.

Long-lasting results with Intense Pulsed Light technology – IPL

When it comes to removing unwanted hair in delicate areas, IPL is the best solution. It is an effective method to remove unwanted pubic hair – without any razors or hot wax. IPL destroys the hair follicle at the root, reducing hair growth. Gradually, the hairs in your bikini will become finer to the point that they will even disappear if you are consistent in the treatment.

There are many benefits to using IPL. Here are some of them :

  • Painless. The biggest benefit of IPL is that it’s not too painful. Most patients only feel minor discomfort. It is often compared to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against the skin.
  • Eliminates Ingrown Hairs. IPL can significantly reduce the occurrence of pesky ingrown hairs in your pubic region. It’s also excellent for those who have very sensitive skin and tend to experience irritation after waxing or shaving.
  • Save time and money. Sure, razor and wax might cost a little more upfront, but you’ll save much more money with IPL in the long run since it is a permanent solution, if you are consistent with treatments.

Ardine IPL Hair removal Device

For pain-free treatment and results which last longer, many of our customers have chosen the Ardine Intense Pulsed Light technology. The Ardine IPL is ideally suited for use at home, achieving up to 92% hair reduction in few treatments. It is very much accessible, way more than laser hair removal – done at the salon -and typically, far cheaper. The Ardine applies gentle pulses of light to the root of the hair, causing the follicle to enter into a resting phase, and significantly reducing the hair your bikini area grows.


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