Hair removal during lockdown?

With social distancing measures… and the new COVID19 strains, beauty salons might remain clothes until further notice. We can imagine that you have been left in a very hairy situation. But still, does quarantine equals that you should give up your hair removal routine. Way the contrary, now that everyone is stuck at home, ladies I can ensure you that it is THE perfect timing to deal with your unwanted silly hairs. So how does hair removal work during lockdown?

The old combo: Shave, Wax

Shaving might be the easiest option. However, it is by far the one that will cause the most damage. I am sure you already know the result: you’ve shaved today you can be sure that you will have to shave tomorrow at the very first hour. And you also know how shaving makes your skin more prone to ingrown hair, dark spots, irritated skin, and hair growing back as quickly as you shaved it off. Shaving must be the very last option. Now that your at home and have time with lockdown, you should definitely consider long lasting option and results.

Waxing also known as the “classic apply and pull” … humm pretty efficient since it removes hair by lifting them by its roots. But it is so painful and so time-consuming, you have to be expert if you want to make sugar wax at home and if you’re going to the salon to hold your breath because it will hurt. Also, certain areas may be quite difficult to reach, if you are waxing yourself, and so we would suggest waiting until the parlours open or go for the bellow solution

The long-lasting solution …


IPL Hair Removal is the must-have device during lockdown. As many are not able to make their usual appointments at the beauty salon, IPL Hair Removal seems to be the most logical way to continue on the treatments — but at home. With IPL Hair Removal, you can sit on the couch and watch Netflix whilst getting rid of your leg hair at the same time. You can also do it during that work call that you have on Microsoft Teams …but don’t forget to turn off the video!

So, what does IPL hair removal stands for ? IPL is a procedure that uses broad-spectrum light pulses to target the pigment melanin in a hair follicle. The hair absorbs this light and heats up, causing damage to the follicle. Since follicles are responsible for producing hairs, when they are damaged, it prevents hair ability to grow back and thus future growth.

After only few treatments, you can expect to see a reduction in hair growth almost immediately. For permanent hair removal, it’s important to keep up with your IPL hair removal sessions. This long-lasting solution can be easily achieved at the comfort of your own home and is the perfect match with the quarantine period.

Also, ladies, summer is just around the corner, you don’t have to wait the reopening of beauty salons to take care of unwanted hairs. It is time to get ready for the perfect bikini line!

If you decided to bite the bullet and purchase one, Ardine IPL Hair Removal is the handset to purchase. We have an extensive experience in safely removing unwanted hair with effective results at any level within three to four treatments. We are very much affordable and believe that everyone should have access to laser hair removal. Still, if you’re not satisfied, Ardine offers a warranty with the purchase of each device and always has customer support available.


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