What is the difference between IPL and laser treatment ?

Both laser hair removal and intense pulsed light (IPL) are long term procedures that visibly reduce or permanently remove hair and let the skin smooth and even. In brief, laser and IPL hair removal are following the same process: light energy used is absorbed by pigment of the hair, which are therefore heated up. The heat ultimately cause damage to the follicle, slowing hair growth and even preventing it completely. However, there is a slight difference between IPL and laser hair removal devices: the light source used. Laser hair removal uses the properties of a laser while IPL uses broad-spectrum visible light. If you are trying to decide between or IPL treatments, we’ve prepared a comparison guide that should help you in choosing the perfect technology.

Understanding Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal produces a very specific type of light consisting of one wavelength or color of light all going in one direction, which creates a concentrated light beam like a laser pointer. Targeted and controlled bursts of light heat the hair right down to the bottom of the root safely destroying it and causing hair growth to slow. Thus, lasers is focused and absorbed only into the follicle, avoiding harm to the surrounding skin tissue area.

Understanding IPL for hair removal

IPL also known as Intense pulsed light technology is actually not a laser treatment. In contrast to laser hair removal, IPL uses broad-spectrum lights which in other words means a wide range of wavelengths to produce a single white flash. Then the melanin pigment in the hair absorb the light energy, which is converted into heat, causing damage to the follicle to prevent the hair from regrowing. This means it has more unfocused energy around the hair and skin area.

When used for hair removal specifically, IPL usually requires six to twelve treatments to see a complete removal of hair in an area. Of course, it depends on the person’s skin colour, hair colour and thickness of the hair.

What is the best: Laser or IPL ?

The coverage of IPL hair removal devices is greater than laser hair removal devices since the broad-spectrum light used naturally spreads out. It, therefore, may mean that treatment times may be quicker because larger areas can be treated at once. IPL is also cheaper, but you may find that you need more sessions to achieve the same results.

Laser hair removal uses a different light source and target a more concentrated area which also means that it can be more suited to people who have darker skin. This is because darker skin also absorbs more light than paler skin due to the amount of melanin it contains. Therefore, there is a risk that the darker skin can be heated up. The nature of lasers being more focused, smaller areas of light mean that they are more suited to treating people with darker skin because they greatly reduce the risk of burning compared to IPL. Having said that, some IPL systems are still suitable to be used on darker skin.

Choosing between IPL and laser treatment is a personal decision. Still if you wish to go for an accessible device – not expensive and usable during lockdown – than you should definitely purchase Ardine IPL Hair Removal Device. Ardine has an extensive experience to safely and effectively remove undesirable hair. The Ardine IPL Hair Removal is very budget-friendly compared to salon treatments, since you won’t have to make regular trips to the salon anymore, saving you a fortune in the long run. Most of our testers of Ardine IPL Hair Removals saw a reduction in hair growth and thickness within four weeks of using the device.


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