Why should you shave before IPL hair removal ?

IPL hair removal, also known by the acronym IPL (or Intense Pulse Light in English) includes a series of precautions to be taken to be effective in terms of quality and duration. One of the precautions is to shave before waxing. Let’s take a closer look at why shaving is recommended before this hair removal technique. It is very important to remove any hairs that are still visible on your skin before using the Ardine IPL hair removal headset. You can choose between razor or epilator or. Find out why and when to shave below.

What happens if I don't remove the hair before using the ipl treatment ?

If you want to use IPL hair removal while you still have hair on your skin, the light from your headset may burn it off. This can cause an unpleasant odor, and you will have less conclusive results. This is why we advise you to shave with a razor before using our IPL treatment. For a long-lasting result

Why shave before IPL hair removal with pulsed light ?

Pulsed light is a IPL hair removal technique that consists of heating melanin (the hair pigment) by sending a flash on the epidermis and which stimulates the hair follicle (under the skin) in order to make the hair fall naturally and to slow regrowth.
The reason why it is necessary to shave shortly before pulsed light hair removal is simple: the flash of light must be able to easily reach the root of the hair to be destroyed.
Thus, it is necessary to carry out the session on a skin without hair or at least, having only regrowth.
Your hairs should not exceed 1 mm in length. This is why, depending on the hair regrowth that is unique to each person, it will take a shaving 1 to 3 days before each session.
Indeed, the epilator should be used on a short hair or a small regrowth. In addition, your skin should be dry and clean when you start the session.

When shave ?

We recommend that you shave your hair two or three days before the pulsed light hair removal session so that the flash of light can reach the root of the hair and heat its bulb to destroy it.

What alternative to shaving is there ?

It is strongly recommended avoiding using other hair removal methods before or between pulsed light treatments, especially those used to eradicate hair roots (such as waxing).
Indeed, if you want pulsed hair removal to be as effective as possible, the hairs must be present in the hair follicle (but not on the surface of the skin like). The advantage of the razor is that only the surface can be shaved.
In short, before each use of pulsed light for hair removal, a small stroke of the razor is necessary on the part to be treated, which will make the hair removal more effective.
It’s your turn 😉


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