How laser hair removal works ?

How does laser hair removal works ? That question comes up a lot. Well keep reading to have the answer. 

First, what is IPL Laser Hair Removal ?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) uses broad-spectrum light pulses to target the pigment melanin around the hair follicle. The hair absorbs this light and heats up, causing damage to the follicle. Since follicles are responsible for producing hairs, when they are damaged, it prevents hair ability to grow back and with time the result is permanent. If you’re wondering how it works keep reading.


Tips for a perfect start :

  • Make sure your skin is completely clean and dry since it will help absorption of light. Do not use creams or gels prior to the treatment.
  • Shave the entire area you are looking to treat before using Ardine. Do not tweeze or wax between laser treatments. Since the laser targets the root of the hair, the root must actually be present for the treatment to be effective
  • If you have a tan, you must wait for the tan to fade completely before it’s safe to have laser hair removal

Now that you are ready you can follow the instructions below :

  • Plug the handset in and click on the green button on the back to turn the device on
  • Choose the right power setting with the green button. Ardine IPL has five different power settings to suit your skin tone and sensitivity level. If this is your very first session and if you happen to have sensitive skin, we recommend starting with the lowest level (1) and work your way up to the fifth level (highest). The blue lights on the front will guide you through the intensity level (Low 1 to High 5). For best results, we recommend to use the highest intensity or to gradually increase the intensity level after each session if you’re not experiencing any pain
  • Place the handheld device on a 90-degree angle against your skin and make sure the light window is in direct contact with your skin, if not it won’t flash.
  • Press the Pulse button and move the device in a circular manner – the device will start flashing. Continue this over multiple areas until finished. Lift the head slightly after each pulse to avoid overheating.
  • Press and hold the green button on the back to turn it off. Always disconnect device from the electricity supply when finished.

How often should I use Ardine IPL Hair Removal ?

It is recommended to use Ardine once a week for the first 12 weeks. After this period, treat the area where you don’t want hair to grow once a month for 3 months or until you can see results. To maintain hairless skin, use Ardine device once every 2 to 3 months, or as needed. Most users notice a reduction of hair after 3-4 treatments with complete results after 12 treatments. You may continue to do weekly treatment after 12 weeks if you have not reached you desired results.

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