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IPL Hair Removal Device

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The best hair removal solution, no more shaving, waxing and expensive treatments ! The benefits of IPL Hair Removal :

      Effective within few weeks
      At the comfort of your own home

laser hair removal work ardine

The Ardine IPL hair removal handset effectively remove and prevent unwanted hair growths down to the root. With long-lasting and visible results from the very first three weeks.

Unique and Efficient

Ardine handset is the best solution to date for anyone looking to try IPL hair removal at home. Pain-free and safe with long-lasting results. IPL hair removal uses the Pulsed Light Technology (IPL) which emits powerful, ultra-fast pulses of light under the skin to temporarily disable hair follicles from being able to grow new strands of hair.

Removing hair at home

Achieve lasting results from home is now possible with Ardine IPL Hair Removal. You don’t have to go back to the Clinic or the Salon. The Ardine IPL hair removal handset will allow you to perform a full body treatment in thirty minutes to one hour time.

How does it work ?  

The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a popular method of IPL hair removal using broad spectrum light. The light energy from IPL is absorbed by melanin in the hair, which then turns into heat and destroys hair cells. This considerably slows down hair regrowth after each treatment. With visible results in just 3 weeks and full results in 12 weeks.

IPL hair removal  It safe ?   

Numerous studies have shown that at-home laser hair devices are pretty safe and are great alternative to professional laser hair removal.  This popular treatment has become very popular and there doesn’t appear to be any negative long-term health risks associated with IPL hair removal. Our device is using clinical-grade technology up to standards and is not harmful to health. 

IPL hair removal Does it hurt ?  

Looking to avoid pain ? WellArdine IPL hair removal is the perfect handset to gently remove undesirable hair. It is way less painful than waxingespecially in the more sensitive areas When using, a warm sensation will invade your all body.

How often should I use Ardine IPL hair removal Device ? 

We recommend using our Ardine IPL hair removal for at least once a week for the first 12 weeks.  After, you can use it twice a month for 03 months or until you are satisfied with the result. To keep skin smooth and hairless, use the Ardine IPL Hair Removal every 2 to 3 months as needed.

On which part of the body can I use my IPL hair removal Device ? 

Ardine IPL hair removal can be used anywhere on the body, including legs, arms and underarms, face, and Brazilian area.  The hair removal is perfect for both men and women.



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